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The Entire Sales Cycle: Marketing, Sales and Customer Development

Laying The Groundwork That Makes You Successful

Lets face it. Its the work nobody wants to do. Its difficult and time-consuming. Qualifying leads on the phone to find hot prospects. Profiling target audiences to make sure theyre right. Vetting hundreds of Web visitors to find a handful of solid prospects. Its work that prevents your expensive sales and marketing people from doing what they do best and what they want to do. But its also how you find the gold essential to driving revenue.

This groundwork is neglected at your peril - especially if you have a complicated sales process. We see it as a challenge. The closer your prospects are to being sold before your salespeople talk to them, the more successful those salespeople will be. The more precisely Marketing can target their audience, the greater ROI they'll get from their campaigns. The faster your Web visitors encounter a human being, the more likely they'll be to buy.

We thrive on doing the groundwork that will make you successful. And were good at it. Really good.


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